The PTCB certification exam math section will test your maths skill on all areas required for pharmacy tech jobs. Basic and advanced math skills are required on the daily basis as a pharmacy technician. Without enough calculation skills, you may not be able to do your daily duties.  The four major sections of the Pharmacy technician certification exam contain questions on: Weight,VolumeTemperature and Time.

PTCB Exam math

It is important that you study thoroughly and get practice on the area mentioned above. To prepare for the PTCB or ExCPT exam, your math knowledge level should be good enough to solve complex word problems and some algebra. Additionally, conversions are referred to in nearly all pharmacy tech math calculations.  Here is the list of all the area covered on the test. Links to tutorial, sample questions, and video tutorials are also included different pages. The topic are not organized in any particular order, but listed for studying only.

PTCB Math Exam Section Guide

Proportions Math
Ratios vs. Proportion
Measurements and Conversions in Pharmacy math
Temperature Conversions – Fahrenheit and Celsius
Ballparking C to F Conversions
Roman Numerals used in Pharmacy abbreviations
Fractions in Pharmacy tech math
Dosage Calculations for Children and Adults
Dilution Math for Pharmacy Tech’s
– Dilution Math step-by-step example
Intravenous (IV) dosage Calculations
– IV Flow Rate Calculation Example
IV Infusion Device Calculations
Concentration Percentages – V/V%, W/W%, W/V%
Alligations in Pharmacy Tech Math – tic-tac-toe
– Alligation step-by-step example
– Alligation step-by-step example #2
– Alligation step-by-step example #3
Solution Mixture Math (Algebra)
– Solution Mixture Example
Percentage and Business Math
Pharmacokinetics (Half-Life) Basics

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