If you are considering a career in Pharmacy technician, you are definitely picking a very stable profession. Pharmacy technicians are gainfully employed in hospitals, health centers, and even private medical centers, clinics, home health care pharmacies, and other health maintenance organizations. Some big department stores like Walgreens, Rite-Aid, also have pharmacist department. Wal-Mart, Krogers, Publist have many pharmacy technicians taking orders, dispensing medications, and handling cashier machines daily. With the number of roles a pharmacy technician has is difficult to become bore. The opportunities to work along with doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacist, to mention a few, will keep you challenged and inspired.
Furthermore, you can cross over from working at hospital to working at store if you ever get bored with the environment. This is wouldn’t necessary change your role but will offer a big change of environment when needed.

The opportunity to work in different institutions and environments make the career vary stable. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics between 2006-2016 Pharmacy tech employment will grow by 32 percent. In 2006 there are 285,000 jobs in pharmacy tech, 71 percent of which are in retail, grocery stores, deparment stores, and mass retailer. Pharmacy Technician training and certification are required to put individual in good position as the career get more competitive.