Pharmacy technician training in Tennessee

Pharmacy tech is a very rewarding career in the state of Tennessee. Given that the state requires certification to work as a pharmacy technician attending a 2 year college and getting an associate degree in Pharmacy technology will prepare you, greatly, for the PTCB exam, enable you to get your Tennessee pharmacy tech license, and also gives you many skills that will count very valuable in your career path. Below are some of the best pharmacy technician schools in Tennessee. You are also offered a detailed list of the courses that they are offering and links to other Tennessee pharmacy tech schools. Keep in mind you can also enroll in online program.

Benefits of getting an associate degree in Pharmacy technician

You can still get your license as a pharmacy technician by working under a pharmacist for some months and studying on your own to take the PTCB exam, but the benefits of getting an associate degree in pharmacy technology from one of the pharmacy technician schools in Tennessee is very huge. The exposure to college environment cannot be over emphasized, advanced math and algebra education, and communication skills will also be gained. It also makes it easier for one to further their education to become a pharmacist, chemist, and other related medical profession. Here are the major benefits of getting an associate in pharmacy from a pharma tech school.

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The PTCB certification exam math section will test your maths skill on all areas required for pharmacy tech jobs. Basic and advanced math skills are required on the daily basis as a pharmacy technician. Without enough calculation skills, you may not be able to do your daily duties.  The four major sections of the Pharmacy technician certification exam contain questions on: Weight,VolumeTemperature and Time.

PTCB Exam math

It is important that you study thoroughly and get practice on the area mentioned above. To prepare for the PTCB or ExCPT exam, your math knowledge level should be good enough to solve complex word problems and some algebra. Additionally, conversions are referred to in nearly all pharmacy tech math calculations.  Here is the list of all the area covered on the test. Links to tutorial, sample questions, and video tutorials are also included different pages. The topic are not organized in any particular order, but listed for studying only.

PTCB Math Exam Section Guide

Proportions Math
Ratios vs. Proportion
Measurements and Conversions in Pharmacy math
Temperature Conversions – Fahrenheit and Celsius
Ballparking C to F Conversions
Roman Numerals used in Pharmacy abbreviations
Fractions in Pharmacy tech math
Dosage Calculations for Children and Adults
Dilution Math for Pharmacy Tech’s
– Dilution Math step-by-step example
Intravenous (IV) dosage Calculations
– IV Flow Rate Calculation Example
IV Infusion Device Calculations
Concentration Percentages – V/V%, W/W%, W/V%
Alligations in Pharmacy Tech Math – tic-tac-toe
– Alligation step-by-step example
– Alligation step-by-step example #2
– Alligation step-by-step example #3
Solution Mixture Math (Algebra)
– Solution Mixture Example
Percentage and Business Math
Pharmacokinetics (Half-Life) Basics

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IV flow rate calculations determine the flow rate of solution administered over a given time. This is normally expressed as mL/Hr or mL/min. However, you should also know how to determine how much volume would be administered using time and rate. The flow-rate calculation below is determining how long it would take to deliver a volume at a particular rate.

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Virginia has the highest paid pharmacy technicians among the states. With techs in Richmond making an average of $64, 000. Arlington has Pharmacy technician making $81,000 and Alexandria making $82,000. Below are the average earnings in the big cites in Virginia. If you are looking for a pharmacy tech job use the form below to look for the positions around your area or location of your choice.

Average Virginia Pharmacy Technician Salary by major cities:
1. Richmond $ 64,000.00
2. Virginia Beach $ 58,000.00
3. Hampton $ 57,000.00
4. Norfolk $ 58,000.00
5. Portsmouth $ 58,000.00
6. Charlottesville $ 62,000.00
7. Lexington $ 60,000.00
8. Roanoke $ 59,000.00
9. Alexandria $ 82,000.00
10. Chesapeake $ 58,000.00
11. Arlington $ 81,000.00
12. Newport News $ 57,000.00

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A career as a certified pharmacy technician can be very rewarding. The demand for techs is strong and you have the option to continue your education and pursue becoming a pharmacist. You can also apply your knowledge in other medical field. Today, you have to be certified to work as a pharmacy technician in most US states; this requirement is bond by law.
The most popular certification is offer by Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB). Passing the PTCB exam will qualify to register and become a licensed pharmacy technician in most states. Certification and license will increase your opportunities and competitive edge in a very challenging market.
The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board administers the certification test and offers a guidebook. You may register for the exam as well as access the guidebook and other resources at their website. There are also many information sources that can be accessed online. You should also visit your neighboring library to check books.
The PTCB exam covers three main focus of knowledge required of pharmacy technician including: Assisting the Pharmacist in Serving Patients, Maintaining Medication and Inventory Control Systems, and Participating in the Administration and Management of Pharmacy Practice.
Assisting the Pharmacist in Serving Patients was 66% of the exam in 2007 and includes knowledge of anatomy and physiology, knowledge of pharmaceutical and medical abbreviations and terminology, and knowledge of effects of patient’s age (for example, neonates, geriatrics) on drug and non-drug therapy.
Maintaining Medication and Inventory Control Systems was 22% of the exam in 2007 and includes knowledge of regulatory requirements regarding record-keeping for repackaged products, recalled products, and refunded products, knowledge of policies, procedures, and practices regarding storage and handling of hazardous materials and wastes (for example, Materials Safety Data Sheet [MSDS]), and knowledge of inventory receiving process.
Participating in the Administration and Management of Pharmacy Practice was 12% of the exam in 2007 and includes knowledge of sanitation requirements (for example, hand washing, cleaning counting trays, countertop, and equipment), knowledge of procedures to document occurrences such as medication errors, adverse effects, and product integrity (for example, FDA Med Watch Program), and knowledge of lines of communication throughout the organization.
The guidebook to the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board exam is a comprehensive 41 page document which covers these topics as well as many others and prepares you for taking the exam.

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To become a pharmacy technician in Arizona one has to be:

Be 18 years of age and of good moral character.
Graduate from high school or have a GED. An educational background with classes in biology, physiology and math is helpful.
Have no felony convictions within five years of applying to become a pharmacy technician and no drug or pharmacy related felony convictions at any point.
Complete a pharmacy technician trainee application with the Arizona Board of Pharmacy. The following must be included in this application:


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The actual roles as well as duties are extremely dynamic. The ability to work with doctors, healthcare professionals, pharmacists, chemists, biologists, scientists, in private hospitals, nursing houses, clinics, investigation companies, and federal governments organization help to make the career a pleasant choice with regard to whoever is actually interested. In this case, an skilled Pharmacy tech are able to work in these institutions as well as crossover for change of environments. The chance to work in various institutions as well as environments help to make the profession vary steady. Data from theBureau of Labor Statistics indicates that between2006-2016, Pharmacy technician employment postion may grow by 32 %. In 2006 there was 285, 000 work in pharmacy technician, 71 percent which are within retail, supermarkets, deparment shops, and bulk retailer. Here are the functions and every day duties associated with pharmacy technician in various environment kind.

Pharmacy Technology duties within Hospitals
Within hospitals, pharmacy technicians duties consist of preparing clean and sterile solutions as well as handling medicines to healthcare professionals or doctors. Under common supervision, established guidelines maintain stock medication. Stocks inventories items for automatic dispensing devixes as well as patient treatment areas; repackages pharmaceutical drug products; preserve records as well as files; as well as issues costs and credit to individual accounts.

Pharmacy Specialist duties whenever using Pharmacist
Pharmacy Technician works under the direct supervision of a licensed pharmacist and assists with the preparation, packing and delivery of products and services to patients. Performs the following tasks in a correct and timely fashion under the supervision of a pharmacist. Assists the pharmacist with the preparation and dispensing of medications and supplies using appropriate techniques and following policies and procedures. . Technicians receive written prescription requests from patients. They also may receive prescriptions sent electronically from doctors’ offices, and in some states they are permitted to process requests by phone. Technicians also establish and maintain patient profiles, as well as prepare insurance claim forms. Technicians always refer any questions regarding prescriptions, drug information or health matters to a pharmacist.

Pharmacy Technology duties within Retail
Aids with item purchasing, stock and gear management. Preserve confidentiality associated with patient as well as proprietary info. Participates along the way for evaluating, managing, as well as reporting medication-related occurrences and gear error and/or problems. Participate within on-call responsibilities from the pharmacy division if needed.. Technicians additionally establish and gaze after patient information, put together insurance declare forms. Specialists always send any queries regarding medications, drug info or wellness matters to some pharmacist.

Pharmacy Specialist training as well as certification have to put person in great position since the career have more competitive.